Who says that you only need Air conditioning in Summer? Don’t you know that prolonging your Ac’s life through opening it even on a cold weather is an effective trick? Well, it may sounds too good to be true but hey, it’s a fact that many have tried.

Winter season is composed of long days and once you let your AC stagnant during these times, you’ll lose all of it’s good qualities. One of the reasons why we should run our AC at home even if it’s cold is that like any other machine, when it’s not working, it tends to lose a bit. Our AC is composed of refrigerant and a bit of oil that once stocked will not generate proper lubrication in other parts of the system hence, the whole AC system will break down once you’re ready to use it. It will all be too late.

AC in Winter keeps you healthy

Another factor to keep your Ac running in winter is to avoid molds and other bacteria from building up inside the system. Why? Simply because anything that doesn’t work regularly, it becomes a perfect ground for this organisms to build and create more of them. You can notice a bad smell after not opening your AC for a long time, aren’t you? And yes, your guess is right! What you have smelled comes from these dirt and other microbes that have accumulated inside the ac because you don’t want to keep it working in winter.

One more benefits of a working AC in winter is that it can work as a dehumidifier. It releases dry air that can balance the air inside your home and creating a well-circulated air all around the place. You can avoid fog and frosting as well. No home looks nice with them in it, anyway.

Using your Air conditioner in winter is not bad and actually it has a lot of benefits. What you need to be mindful of is the right temperature you should set it up so you’ll not freeze inside your house anytime soon. Make sure to set the temperature to hot and you’ll be fine.

If you meet any problems soon then call professional help right away. You’ll be good as long as you know what you are doing so let your AC keep working and you keep on your focus. However, doing a DIY ac repair might worsen any trouble or problem you have with your system that’s why it’s better to let your ac repair contractor handle that.