You got a newborn at home and you are confused whether to let his tiny body cooled by the Air conditioner or just let the room temperature melts him down. Well, for the information of many, Air conditioner is never bad for the newborn babies. They still have their weak bodies and they cannot stand the extreme heat or extreme cold so remember to follow safety precautions. It’s better to let them feel cool rather than staying in a hot, humid and airless room.

  1. Maintain right temperature

The babies have no capabilities yet to adjust to sudden change of temperature thus, always remind yourself to keep the AC temperature at 23-27 degrees only. Your room gets cooler quickly too so don’t forget to set your thermostat and timer on for that perfect duration to cool down the room. Too much coldness might make the baby uncomfortable or worst, sick.

  1. Circulate the air

To avoid the room from getting too cold, leave a window or a door partly open. This is ensure that the air is circulating and to maintain a comfortable temperature for your little one.

  1. Prepare the baby to get cold

We want to keep the baby safe from the heat but we don’t want him to freeze us well. So, it’s much better to dress your baby up accordingly. Cover his arms and legs so he won’t feel too much cold. And most importantly, never put him directly on the blast of the cool air coming from the AC. This will make him uncomfortable and sickly. Covering him with a light blanket to keep him warm inside is a nice trick too.

  1. Clean your AC regularly

Regular maintenance and servicing should be done especially now that you need to be more ensured that the air your AC produces is clean and fresh enough for the baby’s weak immune system. Your Ac should be kept off from molds, dirt and dust coming from an old, dirty and poorly maintained AC system. Call your HVAC contractor right away when you think that the air your AC releases isn’t good enough.

5. Keep the baby moisturized


Cold air makes the air dry and this will cause dryness to your kid as well. As follows, this can make your baby’s skin and nasal passages as well so putting lots of moisture is a must.

6.Avoid abrupt change of temperature


When coming from a cool air conditioned room, don’t abruptly leave the room and to the humid and airless one. This sudden chance of temperature will cause the baby to get ill and get various diseases. What you need to do is to turn the Ac off first, wait for a few minutes for the baby to get used to the outside temperature and there, you can go out.